It's all about family

In 1970, Marie-Paule Vézina and her husband, Azarias Gosselin, purchased part of the family property located on the ancestral land of the Leclerc family, land granted by Mgr de Laval on August 10, 1662. Marie-Paule went on to fulfill her childhood dream and convert the farmhouse into a restaurant. In memory of her ancestors, she named the restaurant "Les Ancêtres".

Some would say that this home was destined for this new purpose because there had always been many people around the dinner table. Marie-Paule's mother, Rose-Anna, gave birth 21 times in 25 years. Today, there are more than one hundred descendants: 19 children, 46 grand-children and about 50 great grandchildren. Since Marie-Paule was the oldest child, she quickly learned to cook from her mother and grandmother. There is no greater legacy than learning the traditions, along with generosity and hospitality to warmly welcome your guests.

In turn, Marie-Paule generously bestowed this legacy on her son, Pierre Gosselin, who, twenty-five years later, carries on the tradition with his wife, Mireille Clavet. Together, they continue to prepare traditional recipes in a renowned atmosphere while also offering the finest regional cuisine.

Over the years, "Les Ancêtres" has been host to numerous performers and other prominent people. Félix Leclerc often enjoyed a meal with his family in front of the fireplace. On his birthday in 1974 he wrote in the restaurant guestbook: "It is still a joy to come to "Les Ancêtres" with its modern yet historical atmosphere... Three cheers for the Island!"

The restaurant has been home to numerous cultural, business and family events. Many couples have chosen "Les Ancêtres" for their marriage reception and returned 15, 25 or 30 years later to celebrate their wedding anniversary.